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Anonymous asked: One time in a MSPARP chat, everyone was casually chatting OOC about ships, and I stated how DaveJade was my OTP. Then this Dirk roleplayer remarked that DaveJade sucked and tried to shove JohnDaveKat, my ultimate NOTP down my throat. Needless to say, I immediately left the chat and never returned.

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cuttlfish asked: I'd wager many don't understand at least one of the characters, seeing as many fics write at least one of them out of character. But would you mind explaining /your/ view of the characters that makes the ship implausible?

no cuttlfish, fuck off

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you see the problem with pictures of johndave kissing is its not really romantic

if you pay attention to homestuck at all, you realize dave is from france

and do you know what they do in france? kiss to say hello

please stop the alienation of french cultureĀ 

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