What is this shitty pairing


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Anonymous asked: this blog has made me see the light. i now see why i was wrong all this time. and i thank you for that. youve released me.

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This blog, it’s a metaphor, see: You acknowledge the killing thing right on your own blog, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.

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Anonymous asked: I respect your blog and I am totally OK with your opinions on the shipping of John and Dave. But are you a real fan of Homestuck? I'm totally serious 'cause I know a lot of people who stopped reading the comic but continued supporting the fandom.

ive read every page, i’ve donated 150 dollars to the kickstarter, bought all three books, have all 4 consort plushies and last week i bought a hero of time hoodie

yes i am a ~real~ fan of homestuck

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nuicouture asked: your tagline says 'stop hammer time 2k12' when it is in fact no longer 2k12 and you failed in stopping johndave during that year and i would still like a pepperoni pizza with a think crust and extra cheese

we lost the battle not the war

your pizza will never be delivered i refuse to help you obtain pizza

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hetaliapastalove asked: Congrats you're a successful person with very rude tendencies? I think what most anons are attempting to convey in their hate is that you're a rather rude person to just go about ruining the fun of others because you dislike something. So while you are intelligent, you're very immature in how you speak go others and go about your hate of things. But you'll likely pass this off rudely, if so so be it. Just felt like adding in my two cents.

How am I rude???

I just want to help people?? That’s why I run this blog? That’s why I’m studying law?

Please explain?

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